Tuesday, May 15, 2012

off to see the wizard!

tonight i am off to see amy butler in KC!  super excited, as i've read all her books - even found style, which made me almost hate her and want to be her, all at the same time.  seriously.  their house is amazing!  and so not childproofed.  i am even going to have her sign some fabric, yes i'm a geek!  hopefully i will have some photos to share!

this week is heaven for quilters - amy butler tonight,  denyse schmidt doing a booksigning on thursday at bernina, and the machine quilt showcase at the OP convention center, and quilt market downtown, and the MQG meetup saturday night!  sure wish i had a nanny so i could spend the week up there!

meanwhile, i made jam thumbprint cookies for the preschool program tonight.  i forgot i needed to drop off a dozen at preschool this morning, so i made these up after getting the kids on the bus!  these are my go to quick cookie - it uses a bag of sugar cookie mix and tastes so yummy.  and seriously, mix it up and they bake in ten minutes.  super quick, even when you wait until the last minute to make them!   i used blueberry jam for these, but strawberry is good too.  maybe with chocolate drizzle...

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Candice @ Made With Love said...

Tammie- will be at quilt market?


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