Tuesday, May 29, 2012

small projects

i'm a long time reader of amanda at crazy mom quilts.  i didn't think it was possible to love scraps more than me, but i'm pretty sure she does!  i attended their schoolhouse at market and it was my favorite of all the ones i saw!  she and cheryl have a new book called sunday morning quilts, which i am excited for.  they talked about sorting your scraps by color, and using them to make slabs.  anyways, here's a quick look at my crappy photos from that day.

slab technique
ticker tape

cheryl's version of sunday morning

and i am copying her idea for a small projects list.  because i am tired of carrying it around in my head.  and because i love to cross things off a list.  so maybe this will inspire me to finally get some of them finished!

1. dish drainer mat
2. camera strap cover
3. patchwork lanyard for guild badge
4. fabric covered canvases
5. painted canvas for bedroom
6. throw pillows for living room
7. fabric headbands
8. dolman tee for joy
9. crocheted fabric rug
10. glue legs of computer chair

i think ten is a good number to start with, don't you?  i still have a couple of large projects to finish as well.  like my aqua, yellow, and gray patchwork, my swoon, and a zillion other ideas in my tiny brain.  plus some other surprises!  see you soon!

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