Sunday, May 27, 2012

strawberry smores

i'm in potluck mode lately - i love making food to share with friends!  the payday bars were good, but kind of sticky.  they had some awesome bourbon slushies at the BBQ yesterday, i will get the actual recipe to share.   it had lemonade, cranberry, and tea in it - it was sweet and slushy goodness!  gorgeous day, we had a great time!

today troy is taking the older kids to the pond to swim and bbq with the in-laws, and so i whipped up some strawberry smores to send with them. 

i use wildtree's strawberry cheesecake blend for my cream cheese, it has cream cheese and cool whip.  but you could always use a whipped strawberry cream cheese from the store.  spread on graham crackers and top with fresh berries, and voila!  a quick yummy dessert that is easy to serve!  you could also throw on some blueberries for the red white & blue effect :)  i know it's not much of a "recipe" but sometimes simple is best.

what am i doing while they are gone?  watching true blood and sewing while sawyer takes his first nap of the last three days.  sheesh.  he is not allowed to give up naps yet.  he won't even be 2 until august!

as soon as the swimsuit pattern is up for sale, i will share the link and photos.  i feel like i could sew anything now!  i learned a lot making that suit.  like, did you know swimsuit fabric is $16.99 a yard?!  ouch!  thank goodness for joann's coupons!  :)

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