Thursday, May 24, 2012

summer summer summer!

hope you've all been enjoying giveaway day and finding lots of great blogs!  i have only entered a couple - i've won enough fabric to keep me busy for awhile! 

i finally finished a circle of geese block for bee vintage.  i have wanted to make this block for awhile, but i'm not in love with paper piecing! 

it took me awhile because i either kept forgetting to trim my seam allowance before stitching the next piece on, or i'd stitch it on backwards, or i'd think i had enough to cover the piece only to iron it and see it was missing a corner.  and tearing out those teensy stitches is a chore!  i'm sure with enough practice, i'd get better though, and i love all the perfect points and edges!  i wish i'd paid more attention to my fabrics - the bottom left needs some green to balance.  but it was the last block, and i was ready to be done, so finished is better than perfect, right?!  :)

i also made another pillow - i can barely take credit for this one, i thrifted the embroidered satin.  another one of my "save the supplies" purchases!  it was in a cheap frame, and when i took it out, discovered it had extra fabric.  so i stitched the edges and stuffed it.  i really like it!  it will go great in sawyer's room - i have a nature theme planned for it.  if we ever get the walls put up, that is!  anyways, i'm glad to have given this lovely handiwork a new life!

on the list for today: 

testing an adorable swimsuit(!) pattern for peek-a-boo pattern shop - i'll share as soon as i can!  sewing + knits = nerves...

finish planting my garden - all i have left are my hanging baskets and a few annuals for the beds!  woohoo! 

setting up the baby pool

the kids got out of school tuesday, so i imagine a big part of my day will be spent asking them to stop fighting.  ugh.  any tips for helping them get along?!

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