Friday, May 4, 2012


it's the weekend already? i've been crazy with a zoo field trip and "feed the teachers" week at our school, plus ball practice is starting and well, life.  you know.  the weekend promises to be extra busy as well!  but fun as always!  better busy than bored, right?

i've been playing with my pretty little charms, based on a block pattern from a shop hop i did last year.  i have to say, i really like the way this block looks!  on point, with sashing, i think i may have found one quilt to make with a few of my vintage charms!  i used a combo of prints and kona for the other pieces.  i can't decide if i should mix up the direction, or keep it like the pic.  blue and green one way, pink and yellow the other.  i really need to make a mini so i can see how the vintage squares wash up.  i'm hoping the colors won't run!

i need to cut some fabrics for a swap, and make blocks for bee vintage.  my van will be in the shop for a day or two next week, so i'm planning to hibernate and get some stuff done.  see you then!  have a great weekend!


Mary Grace McNamara said...

Your life sounds just about like mine these days! I love all the activities with the kids and school. And I've done a bit of fun sewing this week as well. I just can't show it yet since it is for a secret swap and I embroidered my partner's name on it! Your blocks are great! I recognize those little corner sent me some with a swap once!

Enjoy the time with the is over before you know it!


Sara said...

That deep green looks fabulous with the vintage pink:)

Ackkk! Car stuff---did that the other day.


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