Sunday, June 17, 2012

dress to skirt upcycle

some good friends of ours tied the knot yesterday!

i wasn't sure what to wear, so i refashioned a dress into a skirt. i had bought a fun tank dress on target clearance, even though it was an XL.  the xhilaration brand is sized for juniors, so i figured i could just take the top in a little.  but when i tried it on, i wasn't loving it. 

hmm, what to do.  mind you, this was at 11am and we needed to leave at 2!  i decided to chop off the straps and make a skirt out of it. 

i didn't have any wide elastic, so i butted up two lengths and zigzagged them together to make a wider piece.  once it was threaded, i also tacked the dress and elastic together in several spots so it wouldn't fold over inside the casing.  i didn't need a lot of stretch so this worked.  (if you had to stretch the elastic very far, the zigzag stitching would pop.)  but in a pinch, it worked!

this was actually the front of the dress, but i made it the back of my skirt.  i like to think that the diagonal lines gave the illusion of a smaller butt, heehee.

i love the border around the bottom.  i think it turned out really cute, and more flattering than the dress too!  the halter is an ancient one from old navy (fall '06 actually) but i was cool & comfortable, even though the hall was stifling.  we had a lot of fun, and are so happy for you, red & mariah!  congratulations!


Tammie said...

i love it and you look great!

Jan said...

You are very creative and talented. You look wonderful.


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