Thursday, June 7, 2012

fuming at Yardsellr

oh boy, i am hopping mad right now.

i've been trying a few new sites out for my vintage sheet fabric sales.  tophatter, which is fun but hard to schedule items on.  and yardsellr, which is done through facebook, where the buyer pays the fees.

i had my first sale on yardsellr a few weeks back.  a few FQ of vs fabric.  they require you to get a tracking number and enter it before getting paid for the item.  so i did that, mailed it off, and got my $9 check in a week or so.  i put it in the bank and forgot about it.

until i got the mail today.  and found a notice from my bank, saying that yellowdog media, inc. had STOPPED PAYMENT on the check - resulting in me being charged $28 in fees by my bank, plus i am out the fabric, the postage, and the buyer's money!  my bank tells me i'd have to go to small claims court to resolve it.

and of course, i just get form emails back when i try to contact Yardsellr, who (suspiciously enough) has no customer service phone number.  i am so angry right now!  i have bought fabric from other sellers on the site, i sure hope they aren't being scammed.

hopefully, there has been some mix-up, and Yardsellr will make this right and cover the fees and issue me some actual money.

but i have to say, i am not getting my hopes up.  i am going to file a complaint a if i don't hear back from them soon.

EDITED 7:30pm- about an hour ago, i got an email and blog comment from them with an apology and a promise to make this right.  i hope for the best, and lesson learned, right?  i had no idea i could get charged banking fees for someone else writing a bad check, or a computer glitch.  did you?

EDITED AGAIN - i received a check in the mail for the full amount - but honestly i'm a little nervous about cashing it!  crossing my fingers!


Dona said...

You go girl! I looked into Yardsellr but decided against it. Glad I did.


Rachel said...

Thanks for sharing your experience :-) I will know not to bother with them :-)

Anonymous said...

Tammie- We are really sorry to hear about this! This is absolutely not ok with us, and we have reached out to you via email to get you paid, and cover any charges that you incurred for this inconvenience. Again, we are so sorry about this! We look forward to getting this resolved! -Ryan (

Lauranie said...

well, it is nice that they are trying to remedy this problem...and I didn't think your bank would penalize you, but my husband told me otherwise!! It kinda sucks that our banks don't have our backs! :P


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