Monday, June 11, 2012

hi all!

the days are just flying by, with me not getting much accomplished.  i blame kids. 

here's a quick recap of craftiness since we last spoke.

embellished this simple tank with some grosgrain ribbon.  super simple, snip and thread.  they made a bow, but i'm not a big bow girl.  the project is from I Spy DIY Style  i got this book at the library, and while i don't think i would make many of the projects, it did make me look at my closet in a new way.  next to try, sprucing up some scuffed up flats of emma's with puffy paint...

i made another of these cute drawstring bags from jeni at in color order.  i used ugly duckling by lizzy house, some MM peppermint dumb dot, and lined it with a red pin dot.  it's on it's way to my friend cara.

side note - i saw jeni at quilt market but i was too shy to introduce myself.  i found that happening a lot.  and the people i did say hi to, i tripped over my words and even found myself saying things about the weather.  sheesh.  i'm a dork.

and i added some craft books to my etsy.  some vintage, others not.  i have to weed out my book collection, because my husband bought an enormous wrestling mat for the kids to play on, and it will have to go where my bookshelves are.  so i may be listing some other books soon, i'll let you know when i do!


memmens said...

yay to drawstring bags, so funny about your dorkiness! I went to FQ retreat in London and was reminded that everyone is human even Lu Summers of Summerville fame, she is so normal!

Lindsay(PACountryCrafts) said...

We always wanted a wrestling mat! So cool!!

Love the little projects you are working on. Oh, and I got my prize today! Thank you so much! LOVE everything you included!!!

Jeni said...

Oh my dear, I wish you'd said hello! I promise, I felt super nervous there too! It was slightly scary! :)

Love your bag! Those ducklings are perfect!


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