Tuesday, June 19, 2012

out of the office

i am on jury duty this week, so i will be offline (gasp!) for much of the next three days!  it feels weird and disconnected.  but on the plus side, i get a lunch break (it's been 8 years since i had one of those!) and nobody is saying mom!mom!mom!mom!mom! every five minutes.

last night before bed, emma had her 2nd sewing lesson.  she's 7 (and a half, as she's fond of saying) and she's been asking me to teach her to sew.  usually while i am working on a project and don't have the time or patience to do it right then.  so i had troy put the boys to bed and we made a skirt. 

i say we, because i did the cutting and ironing, but she chose the fabric, ran the foot pedal, helped steer the fabric and learned about the parts of the sewing machine.  she was impressed with the selection of presser feet and wanted to use the walking foot.  so i think she'll be a quilter someday too.  ♥


Sara said...

she did a fantastic job too mama!!

Kelli said...

Emma is too cute! I wish my Emma (who is 8 now and no longer 7 1/2) wanted to sew. She's more interested in me doing it and her reading... ;)


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