Saturday, June 2, 2012


since i don't have enough to do already, i joined a few block swaps on flickr.

the amish buggy block swap - these are so fast!  i cut a strip from each of the kona solids i had on hand, and whipped these out after the kids went to bed tonight.

i don't remember all the color names, and i don't have a handy kona card either, so i'm just guessing.  but there's tangerine and ash, khaki with (not kona)red, navy and tarragon, candy pink and corn?, navy and turquoise, and candy pink and gray.  i have two shades of navy, and two shades of pink - but i'm pretty sure they were both kona bought at joann's. 

so help me out - does kona have dye lots?  is it common to have variations in colors?  or is it because it's from joann's?  i know the pics are fuzzy - late night bad lighting - but you can see there is a slight difference between them, can't you?

each strip set makes two blocks.  so i am keeping one and swapping one.  and it looks like a similar quilt is on the cover of the new quilty magazine - see?

and i also joined the granny gone wild swap.  i have had a granny square quilt on the list since i first saw them popping up everywhere.  i really want to make this quilt using my yellow, gray, and aqua charms.  i did this trial block with them, and i love the look of three colors vs. two.  but either way, they are fun blocks!  this block came out small, so i need to check my machine and adjust my needle and stuff.  ugh, maintenance.  then i need to knock out 10-20 of these for this swap.  it will be a great scrappy quilt!

it looks like signups are still open on both, so if you're interested, go check it out!


Robin said...

Beautiful blocks! I love the saying "if not for last minutes, there'd be no minutes!"

Cathy Tomm said...

Great swap blocks. I love some of the colours.

Lauranie said...

pretty!! love the colors girl!

Claire Jain said...

I'm over from Sew Happy Geek! These blocks are super cute :-) You had a really productive evening.


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