Tuesday, June 12, 2012

zippers, the lazy way

so, i am a lazy crafter.  i admit to taking shortcuts once in awhile.  obviously, this doesn't apply to things i am making for beemates, or the occasional paying customer.  but, if i'm whipping up a dolly dress or something for myself, finished takes precedence.  seams are a little wonky?  well, it's probably not getting ripped out.

i was working on a secret project - i can't wait to tell you about it! - and decided to try something.  after googling "inserting zipper for pocket" and finding videos involving interfacing, and measuring, and cutting - i thought, too much room for error.  why can't i just do this?

this, my friends - the lazy gal's zipper, or, how to cheat when making a zippered pocket.

i laid out a  2"x13"strip for the left side, two strips 1.5"x4" for the top and bottom, and a 10"x13" piece for the right side (that will fold under to create the pouch).  i'm putting in an 8" zipper.

be sure to fold under enough fabric to cover the zipper ends
next, iron down the edges that will have the zipper attached to them.  (i turned under 1/4",  more on the top & bottom piece.)  stitch the top and bottom strip to each end of the zipper.  and let's pretend i took a picture of that.

 you get it now, right?
now lay the left side strip along the zipper.  using your zipper foot, stitch the zipper to the strip.

time to attach the right side.  sew zipper to fabric.

tada!  you now have a quick zippered pouch insert!  i think this could be cool using a contrasting fabric for the little top & bottom pieces.  oh - this is made to be stitched into the seams along all three unfinished sides.  i can't wait to show you what this is a part of...  oh the suspense!

so, tell me - do you sew zippers or avoid them like the plague?  is there any reason this won't work?  i'm sure mrs. johnson (my sewing teacher from school) would be horrified over this!


Sara said...

I think I am the odd ball sometimes. I don't mind doing zippers from time to time. They are not easy breezy,but I think I like the challenge.

My arch nemesis is snaps...not the "outie" part,the "innie" if that makes any sense!

Lauranie said...

you know i am all about the lazy!! thanks for the tip!!

Mel said...

this is timely and handy! i have been pondering trying my hand at zipper pounches by zippers are intimidating....

and a zipperless zipper pouch... well. it doesn't translate well. LOL

On a completely unrelated note, my packege from SMS Giveaway Day arrived today! I just wanted to say thank you publicly (I am sending you a private message also). The fabric is so soft and snuggly! I can't wait to use it in a lap/throw quilt. And the little extras tucked inside completely made my day.

And started a new shopping list. My husband is currently searching for butterfly straight pins so I can have more! LOL!


Brenda said...

I have recently tried my first zippers and they did not turn out anywhere close to professional. I love your tutorial and it looks fabulous; will be using your process on my next zipper. Thanks for sharing.

gracielynn's said...

oh wonderful.. will give it a try .

Wondering what the 'surprise' you were putting the zip in , was ??
since it is Almost 2017 I thought you could share ..

craftytammie said...

Oh my goodness, yes I can share! It was a project for a book, One Yard Wonders Little Wonders. It's a first aid kit called the boo boo buddy 😉


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