Tuesday, July 31, 2012

join me?

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i've been playing along with the beginner's quilt-along all summer, and it's been fun watching this quilt develop.  hosted by pat sloan and the quilter's gallery,  a new block is introduced every thursday. and if you post a picture in the flickr pool by the following wednesday, you are eligible to win prizes!  here's all of my blocks so far:

i'm planning to sash it with ivory.  the deep brown needs something to separate it from block to block.  and i'm also thinking i will set the blocks on point - i've never done that before.

another easy quilt along that just started is the contemporary quilt sampler, by laura nowles.

this one is happening over at the quilt show!  the first lesson was just posted, so you have plenty of time to gather fabrics.  i like the layout of this quilt, and the fact that you make several of each blocks means it will come together super fast! i'm holding off on choosing fabrics, but i'm getting weaker by the day.  soon...

and of course there's the totally groovy quilt along, i know lots of people are joining in on this one!  you do have to purchase the pattern, but what a great quilt!  and they have awesome prizes!  and i'm intrigued - i want to know HOW to make those curves.

and finally, here's one i've been careful not to let my boys see.  the super mario bros QAL! i'm not up to this challenge yet, but it's super fun.  maybe i could swing making one block for a pillow?  we'll see.

how about you?  are you quilting along with anyone these days?

Monday, July 30, 2012

blocks everywhere

i'm knee deep in blocks, people, and this is what i get for leaving them on the floor last night.  silly sawyer thinks they are confetti!  when i work at night, the lighting is better in the family room area, so i had laid them out there.  lesson learned.

we had a busy week with family visiting, and swim lessons, and a trip to kc to union station & science city.

i finally finished my swoon block #3, which has been sitting on my "design wall" for months.  i'll restitch the final seam, it didn't line up on one side and it bugs me.  i have more blocks cut out but have lost all motivation to work on it right now.

worked on blocks for inspire, this month was flying geese, one block aqua & orange, one raspberry & citron.  we could also use white, navy, or gray.

these were pretty easy.  i used 7.5" and 4" squares to make the geese.  the sides are 3" and the top and bottom 1.5".  the block is not square, which i think is fun.  she didn't specify a block size, just any flying geese we wanted,  so i'm hoping this will be ok.
my brother's coming to visit this week, i can't wait to see him, and my niece and nephew too! have a great week everyone!

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Friday, July 27, 2012

varsity cowl neck pullover

hi friends!  i'm back with another pattern review from peek a boo pattern shop!  this time i made the varsity cowl neck pullover for emma, using some knit fabric i found thrifting and couldn't pass up!

it's maybe a bit thin for this project, which calls for med-heavy weight knits or fleece.  but with a tank under it, it will be a good weight for those crazy fall days where it's cold in the morning and hot by lunchtime!

i didn't have quite enough fabric for the pattern.  i fussy cut the front so the diamond stripe was where i wanted it, and then didn't have enough for one of the sleeves!  so i had to seam a piece together, matching up stripes.  yes, it's the arm she's hiding behind her back.

the sleeve doesn't actually look too bad!
i stitched too far while attaching the bottom of the neckline, which made those little puckers in the corner.  i think it could be a cute design detail, little pleat in each corner, but alas, mine aren't going the same directions, one folds out and the other in.  i wasn't sure how to fix it, so i left it alone.  the revised pattern has some tips on avoiding that, BTW.   i used one of troy's old gray tees for the cuffs, neck and bottom band.

it was so easy.  really.  get yourself some ball point needles, knit fabric,

and her varsity cowl neck pullover pattern and make one today!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

tie dying with kids!

earlier this summer, i bought a couple of tie dye kits, planning for a fun day making t-shirts with the kids.  then i got home and realized i was thinking of letting the kids squirt dye everywhere, i must have lost my mind!  it took me awhile to gain the courage to try it.  after weeks of begging, i relented and we set up a dye station in the kitchen tuesday.

the kits were a 3 pack of sei tumble dye spray bottles, and a 5 pack of tulip one step tie dye kit squirt bottles.  i got one at michael's and the other at walmart.  i bought a few white tees for the kids and rounded up all the old, stained, not so white tees we had in the house, as well as a 3pack of white canvas tote bags.  then we got to work.  before long it looked like a pack of hippies had moved in!  tie dye everywhere, drying in the yard!  this would be a good time to have a clothesline, actually.  (i have been asking for one, maybe this weekend we can get one put up...)

because we were doing this inside, i didn't actually let the kids put the dye on themselves.  i know, mean old momma.  but i've seen my 4 year old with a glue stick, and he doesn't know the meaning of less is more.  i did let them direct me on where to put colors and we even tried a few designs.  i know almost 8 yo emma would have been fine doing it, and maybe even alex, but it was easier to do it myself.  we laid down a huge vinyl tablecloth over the island, and it worked pretty well. 

i didn't get crazy with trying to fold designs or rubber band patterns, although there are lots of videos on you tube on making them.  we did the scrunching method, and tried it on both dry and damp shirts.  the tulip set says to dye dry shirts, but after trying it, we dampened them.  otherwise, the dye runs right off the shirt!

we had a stack of onesies with stains, but after you throw a bunch of colors on them, it gets lost in the mix and they get another shot at life!  i even did a tie dye crib sheet! this really appealed to me - i hate to throw things away that are still functional.  but let's face it, not so white tees and sheets are just plain ewwww.  i LOVE how the crib sheet came out, it's so fun on his toddler bed!

i did some free hand drawing with the squirt bottles towards the end, which was cool.  i even dyed a navy tee, i was surprised at how much the dye shows up on a dark color!  it was sure fun, and i ran out of things to dye before i ran out of ideas!

after they dried, i rinsed them in hot water until it ran clear, then washed them in the machine.  the color catcher i threw in with it was navy blue by the end!  i will still wash these separately for the next time or two, just to be safe. 

how about you?  have you ever tie dyed with kids before?  any tips (or tragedies) to share?

Friday, July 20, 2012

painting away

i finally started working on my $15 garage sale find.  it's been sitting in the garage, collecting cobwebs for months now.

i was happy it has a finished back, which means it can serve as a room divider!

so last night while the older kids were at VBS i sanded off the pen marks,

spray primed it, and then troy and i carried it upstairs to it's new home.  then after the kids went to bed i painted it "cashmere white" while i watched s.4 of true blood.  i'm waiting for the paint to dry right now so i can give it one last touch up, and i can't explain how excited i am to start filling it up with all my stuff.

but while i wait, i've been sorting out my fabric stash.  and realized i have at least 4 different 3-5 yard cuts of kona white, oops.  being organized will definitely save me some $.  at least my solids look pretty now! 

the cabinet fits the space perfectly, and matches my $12 garage sale bookshelf,  which also serves as a faux wall.  it's low enough that i can still keep an eye on the kids while they play or watch tv, but keeps my clutter from being visible from the couch.  win win!

i am testing another pattern for amy's fall line - more sewing with knits!  it really makes me want to figure out nana's serger.  i haven't had the patience to sit down and mess with it.  plus it's like, a bajillion years old, i'm sure it needs serviced and cleaned.  so it sits for now.  and i'll share pics of the project as soon as it's available!

speaking of projects - my moda fabrics came for my bakeshop project!  eep!  can't wait to get started!  we have a KCMQG picnic on sunday, i'm hoping to sneak away to it.  but we have 2 extra boys staying with us this weekend, so we'll see.  the kids are all asleep in a big pile in the living room right now, so sweet.  :)  have a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

some blocks

i got a tiny bit of sewing time in! 

i made a (sort of) wonky star for bee vintage.  why is that so hard for me?!  i never "wonk" it enough.  i will make another one, try to shake it up a little more.  :)

i got my 6th block for beginner's quilt along finished.  this one is my favorite so far.  6 down, 6 (or 7) to go!  depending on whether i set them on point or not.  i also need to find some backing fabrics, i'm using mostly FQ for this and i won't have much left!

speaking of fabric - i am SO excited because my fabric bundle entry for Fat Quarter Idol at sewmamasew is in the voting!  if i win, i get a bundle of all my choices, and they will sell it in their shop as well!  wowza, that would be cool!  so if you have a minute, go see all the entries!  i hope you'll like mine! 

Monday, July 16, 2012


we have winners.  lots of them!  drum roll...

FQS charm packs - caitlin
cluck cluck sew patterns  -lee
i don't do dishes - elizabeth
bijou lovely - mary & kim
essentials thread set - ali
silly mama quilts - beth

and a few still to come - the final giveaway runs through wednesday the 18th.  because i'm not ready to have sew full of summer end yet!  it was a fun week, lots of cool prizes and awesome guests! 

and in case you were stalking the blog at noon, wondering where i was - i kind of forgot that i had a date with my lil' Harry Potter to see the 8th Horcrux play at 1pm.  they are without a doubt, the king & queen of wrock. (that's wizard rock to all you muggles) 

summertime blankets

thanks to everyone who stopped by this week!  and of course to my amazing giveaway sponsors and guest posters! lots of fun easy projects to try. and if you do make something using one of the tutorials, be sure to join and share a photo in the flickr pool?

amy at naptime crafters shared a great idea today, using the sleeves of those old tees to make shorts for the little ones! so if you're making the t-shirt nightgown from several old shirts, save those sleeves for a wee one!  be sure to stop at her blog and check it out!

another WIP, this is the quilt top i am making from my bee vintage blocks.

i have one more row to sew on, and then it's time to quilt!  since it looks so old fashioned, i plan to tie this quilt with a super light batting, to make the perfect summertime blanket!

here's the quilt top i'm still working from the 1st round of bee vintage.

i misplaced the extra wide white fabric i was using for sashing, and once i uncover it, i
can finish stitching it all together.   i'll probably finish this the same way as the first.  these just look like summer to me.

NOW CLOSED! the giveaways close in 35 minutes, so if you haven't got your sew full of summer entries in yet, hurry! 

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

more free stuff!

time for another giveaway!  or how about four?! 

first prize is a fat quarter bundle of vintage sheet fabric!

pretty flowers on four different fat quarters. you can also buy one of these bundles in my etsy.

second, third, and fourth prizes are patterns from la todera.

the patterns were part of a fun box of sewing goodies i got from quilty a few weeks back, from a contest on their facebook page!

also in the box was this slipper orchid brooch, it looks perfect on my tote bag!

ok, US only please, sorry to my international readers - and i will keep this one open until wednesday to give people a few more days to enter.  

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Blueberry Lemonade

our guest today is becoming a regular around here!  yay for me! the lovely heather shared a baby quilt tutorial with us during sew full of love, and guess what?! she won a contest at sewmamasew with it!  she's also the host of bee vintage, a flickr bee where we make quilt blocks from vintage sheets.  she blogs, quilts, and is a member of the baltimore modern quilt guild.

5 things about summer heather loves:

farm stands bursting with produce
making jam with my friend Nina
The Cow ~ a local ice cream stand with the best ices and frozen custard
Camping and kayaking
Reading a book all day ~ guilt free!

Hi All!

Heather here from quilt.cook.keep. I'm so happy to be back at my buddy Tammie's blog! Today I'm sharing with you a table runner and a recipe!

Tammie and I both share a love for thrifting, re-using, and rescuing of supplies. I'm always on the hunt for some thrifty treasures. A few weeks back, I was thrifting with my son Kyle. We started thrifting together a few years ago. When he's home from school (he's 19, and will be a sophomore at VCU in the fall), we'll typically hit up a thrift or two. He heads for the clothes (I'd guess a good 50% of his wardrobe is thrifted) and I'll head for the linens and home goods, always on the search for vintage sheets and vintage Pyrex, which I often offer up in my Etsy store. So anyway, we're thrifting, and I come across these:

An old Joann's block of the month. At first I thought, "yuk, Joann fabric." Then I saw that they were $1each, and each block was 17" square. Well, for a buck...  They had about 6 or 7 of these, but only three different ones. Hmm, maybe they would work make a nice a table runner.

You know what? They sewed up beautifully (everything was pre-cut) and I had to laugh when I recognized the blueberry fabric as something I already had in my stash. So here we have Blueberry Lemonade:

Decorative Stitches

With some of my favorite blue and yellow vintage Pyrex!

Blueberry Lemonade ~ yum!

Vintage Sheet backing

I did something a little different (for me) with the quilting, and actually used some of the decorative stitches on my sewing machine. Who knew? The backing is a favorite vintage sheet, of course. This runner adds a lovely summery touch to my dining room.

Here's a yummy Bobby Flay recipe for you to make your own Blueberry Lemonade:


  • 3 cups blueberries
  • 3/4 cups sugar
  • 2 cups freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 3 cups cold water
  • Ice cubes


Place the blueberries and sugar in a blender and puree. Place thelemon juice and water in a pitcher and strain the pureed blueberriesthrough a medium mesh sieve into the pitcher. Stir well and pour into tall ice filled glasses

or, if you want my super easy recipe (as featured in my pics)

1/2 cup Wyman's blueberry juice
1 sleeve Crystal Lite lemonade mix.

Place in pitcher. Add 2 quarts water and ice. Stir and serve!

I hope you'll stop by my blog and say hello! Happy summer! linking up with
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Saturday, July 14, 2012

don't forget the giveaways!

sew full of summer ends on monday - and there are tons of great prizes to be won!  you can click here for a complete list and links to each one, or just scroll down the past several days of posts!  thanks and good luck!

saturday part 2

wow!  that was fun!  sheep riding was a little scarier than i anticipated.  zach took one look at them and changed his mind.  alex rode his sheep all the way into the fence, and got some nice scratches on his back, but got a 57 (3rd highest score!) and even went back to ride it again!  he rode even longer the 2nd time, but they take the first qualifying score.  (sorry if you already know that, i'm new to all this rodeo stuff)

a little later, all three older kids did the greased pig contest.  alex almost got that slippery guy, it ran right between his legs! 

so much fun!  man can those pigs squeal!  then emma took first in the foot race - she's sooo fast!  we stopped in the richmond museum, and i took a few pictures of the quilts they had on display - i really love this first one.  i think i'd like to make this someday.

this signature quilt is kind of modern looking!

and look at the ancient sewing machine.  i dig the yellow sashing on that quilt!

all in all, a pretty great time.  do you have a town fair you attend?  or do you do the county or state fairs? 

we'll be back tomorrow with another guest and another giveaway!  see you then!


wow - this week has flown by!  another huge thank you to all of the sponsors and guests we've had this week!

today is saturday, and it's also the last day of our town fair.  i love the fair!! this year i entered 8 things, and my daughter entered for the first time!  she took a blue ribbon for her best friends scrapbook!  so proud of her!

a lot of the entries are for 4H - which we aren't in - yet.  but they have an open class, and that's where all my entries go.  i took a blue ribbon for my cookies!  and got other 2nd and 3rd ribbons for a few quilts and misc. sewed items(a purse, an apron) but they won't be released until this evening, so i should have some photos to share later!

one of my favorite things about the fair is the turtle races and the frog jump contest.  we didn't have any to enter this year - it's been so dry we haven't seen any for awhile.  but still fun to watch!

go turtle go!

they have lots of games for the kids, like a tricycle race, and frisbee throw.  alex is 6, in the 6-8 category, and he's a little upset because all the other boys are older and winning everything.   but nothing a funnel cake can't fix!

in between races
the catholic church always has a concession stand - with fresh baked pie made by little old church ladies. mmmm. pie.  and the library does snow cones and frito pies.  after all, half the fun of the fair is the food.

and today, at noon, alex & zach are doing the mutton busting for the first time!  basically, you try to ride a sheep until you get thrown off.  should be hilarious.  i'll update with more photos later!  have a great saturday!


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