Monday, July 30, 2012

blocks everywhere

i'm knee deep in blocks, people, and this is what i get for leaving them on the floor last night.  silly sawyer thinks they are confetti!  when i work at night, the lighting is better in the family room area, so i had laid them out there.  lesson learned.

we had a busy week with family visiting, and swim lessons, and a trip to kc to union station & science city.

i finally finished my swoon block #3, which has been sitting on my "design wall" for months.  i'll restitch the final seam, it didn't line up on one side and it bugs me.  i have more blocks cut out but have lost all motivation to work on it right now.

worked on blocks for inspire, this month was flying geese, one block aqua & orange, one raspberry & citron.  we could also use white, navy, or gray.

these were pretty easy.  i used 7.5" and 4" squares to make the geese.  the sides are 3" and the top and bottom 1.5".  the block is not square, which i think is fun.  she didn't specify a block size, just any flying geese we wanted,  so i'm hoping this will be ok.
my brother's coming to visit this week, i can't wait to see him, and my niece and nephew too! have a great week everyone!

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Sara said...

That ceiling is pretty cool! Love the flying geese colors:) Have fun with your brother!

Ali said...

Can't wait to see the quilt you make with those blocks! I got the beach house threads from your giveaway over the weekend, thank you so much!


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