Wednesday, July 4, 2012

busy but blessed!

happy 4th of july! 

the kids were sad they couldn't light anything themselves, but i tried to cheer them up with bomb pops.  the town managed a great fireworks show again this year.  we met up with cousins to watch the show.  the kids had fun with their glow bracelets and sawyer was suitably impressed with the booms and lights.  that made me happy, because emma was always afraid of them so i wondered how he'd do. 

and i made some more blocks!

garden gates for bee vintage.  this is going to be a pretty quilt!

week 4 in the beginner's quilt-along.  i used a green-blue to balance out the yellow greens in the two on the left.  again, i'm finding it hard to make choices when each week's block is a mystery!  i never realized that about myself...

note to self: turn top left block!

and i need to mail my amish buggy blocks - that will be a fun quilt to put together once i get them back!

if you follow me on facebook, i mentioned moda bake shop the other day.  well, i'm thrilled to say i had a project approved so i am in the middle of writing that up for them!  super exciting!  crossing my fingers for cooperative kids and lots of stitching time the next two weeks.  i'll be sure to share when my project goes up!  have a great holiday and be safe!


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Heather said...

Awesome about Moda Bake Shoppe!

Hey, if you still need people for sew full of summer, let me know. I have a couple of things I could share.


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