Monday, July 9, 2012

chopped up charms table runner

if you haven't entered the Fat Quarter Shop giveaway, go now and do it!  i'll wait.

ok, you're back.  i'm tammie, and this is my blog.  i love sharing fun ideas and links and loot with my readers, so if you're new here, i hope you'll stop back by to visit!

my five favorite things about summer are:

1. snow cones and funnel cakes!
2. annual 4th of July family reunion at lake okoboji IA
3. fresh fruits and veggies!  especially cherries and sweet corn...
4. waterparks - love the slides!
5. baseball games

i wanted to share a quick project with you using those charm packs!  i am a swapaholic, and i have stacks and stacks of 5 inch charms from the past couple of years, just waiting to be turned into quilted goodness.  so last night during family movie time (eragon), i sorted out 24 charms in greens, golds, reds, and browns, with a smidge of turquoise and deep blue.

then this morning,  i made a table runner (let's just pretend it's quilted, shall we?!)

isn't it cute?  and so easy.  let me show you how to whip these blocks up.

first step, make 6 four patches from your 24 charms.

Each four patch becomes 2 quarter square (hourglass) triangle blocks. The finished block has 8 quarter squares. So you need 2 four patches to make 1 finished block.

2nd step, slice them in half along each diagonal.  cut from one corner to the opposite corner, and repeat from the other two corners. (cuts will make an X across the block). these triangles will have bias edges, so just take care not to stretch them too much.

3rd step,  rearrange the blocks (on your design wall, or the floor) until you have an evenly balanced sense of color and patterns.  now, stitch them back together!  they can get a little bulky at the points, especially in the center, but go slow, use pins, and be sure to nest your seams!

4th step, once i had three blocks all stitched, i sashed them with 2 inch wide kona white strips. it took three WOF strips plus a little extra.

what do you think?  i'm wishing i had sorted out enough squares to make a couple more rows, this would be a sweet lap quilt!  by my calculations, you could make a lap quilt with 96 charms.  so, 3 charm packs would work, with some left over!  one last look:

hopefully i can get it quilted during naptime later.  see you tomorrow with another giveaway!!

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Lindsay(PACountryCrafts) said...

I have lots of charms waiting to be turned into something amazing, too! Great job on the quick and easy table runner!

Ellen said...

Super cute, especially with the bowl of cherries. That says summer to me!

Sara said...

With a bowl of cherries to make it complete:) Yummy!! Ayden figured out how to spit out the pits now so he can enjoy them with me:) Cute runner...I need to make some to switch out on my table or fireplace mantel or high counter top perhaps!

Candice @ Made With Love said...

Beautiful! I love the combination of all of the fabric prints. :)

sunrise4501 said...

I am in the midst of making a quilt for my great grandson, all using charms. It is turning out so pretty! I also have swapped many times for the charms plus bought what I can. This means I have a huge amount of charms!
I am always on the lookout for patterns using charms. I love quilts and the many ways you are using the charms.
Thank you so much...

Whichcrafts said...

This looks great. Thank you for sharing the pattern.

Anonymous said...

Love the idea of using stray charms!! Great idea of table runner!

Searchfamilies said...

I don't know if i am being thick but if you cut the 4 patch in half you have 12 half triangles if you do it so it quartered you have 24 quartered triangles
Looking at your table runner which i really do like but each section takes 16 triangles so how does it work with 24 charms which are then made in to 6 four patches before cutting

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Claykh77 said...

I am making a similar quilt for my mother in law who just celebrated her 99th birthday. The end result is a little easier easier if once you have your 4-patches finished, place two of them together (right sides together) and sew all the way around the two using a ¼" seam. Be sure to check you blocks before you sew them together to make sure you are getting different fabrics and two touching blocks arent' the same fabric. THEN, cut them on the diagonals. You will have created 4 new squares of the hour glass plattern. You can sash them individually, sew them together in groups of 4 and sash the new 4-patch or just sew them together in rows of however many you want to make a table runner, a throw or a full sized quilt. I started with 4 packs of charms (that would be about 160+ charms total) but I won't need all of them to make the twin-sized quilt. I got my pattern idea from Jenny at MSQC. There is a video on UTube --- Super Easy Hour Glass Quilt. In Jenny''s quilt she just sews all of the new blocks into rows and then sews the rows together. I'm using sashing in mine to break up the colors a little. I'm not a fan of all that scrappiness. My eyes need a place to land!


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