Thursday, July 5, 2012

more small projects for the list

ok.  i know, i wrote down ten.  and i have a deadline looming, so i really need to focus on it.  but in order to do that, i had to make some order out of chaos first.  and while creating order, i found approximately 32 UFO.  ugh.  why am i so bad about finishing thin

heehee. so  i sewed 4 buttonholes and buttons onto a dress for emma.  i finished a doll dress for her, which needed the straps sewed together and a hem. 

and i added straps to a sundress for emma, thankfully it fits.  i made that thing 2 summers ago.   she likes it, and wants me to make another.  :)  i think it would be a good nightie too, made out of a soft knit.

i got some other commitments out of the way too.  i have a pile of things to mail today, and a few things on hold at the library.  phew, it feels good to make progress.  and knock three extra small projects off the list.  can i write them down just to cross them off?! ;)

don't forget about sew full of summer! 

it starts monday, and i have room for another guest blogger if you want it!!  you can share your favorite summertime recipe, or activity, or even a project!  email me : craftytammie AT yahoo DOT com

1 comment:

Sara said...

Good for you! Cute least there wasn't much to finish it right?!

You reminded me I have to mail off a fabric swap today:)


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