Friday, July 20, 2012

painting away

i finally started working on my $15 garage sale find.  it's been sitting in the garage, collecting cobwebs for months now.

i was happy it has a finished back, which means it can serve as a room divider!

so last night while the older kids were at VBS i sanded off the pen marks,

spray primed it, and then troy and i carried it upstairs to it's new home.  then after the kids went to bed i painted it "cashmere white" while i watched s.4 of true blood.  i'm waiting for the paint to dry right now so i can give it one last touch up, and i can't explain how excited i am to start filling it up with all my stuff.

but while i wait, i've been sorting out my fabric stash.  and realized i have at least 4 different 3-5 yard cuts of kona white, oops.  being organized will definitely save me some $.  at least my solids look pretty now! 

the cabinet fits the space perfectly, and matches my $12 garage sale bookshelf,  which also serves as a faux wall.  it's low enough that i can still keep an eye on the kids while they play or watch tv, but keeps my clutter from being visible from the couch.  win win!

i am testing another pattern for amy's fall line - more sewing with knits!  it really makes me want to figure out nana's serger.  i haven't had the patience to sit down and mess with it.  plus it's like, a bajillion years old, i'm sure it needs serviced and cleaned.  so it sits for now.  and i'll share pics of the project as soon as it's available!

speaking of projects - my moda fabrics came for my bakeshop project!  eep!  can't wait to get started!  we have a KCMQG picnic on sunday, i'm hoping to sneak away to it.  but we have 2 extra boys staying with us this weekend, so we'll see.  the kids are all asleep in a big pile in the living room right now, so sweet.  :)  have a great weekend!


Sara said...

Can't wait to see ur storage cabinet all done!!You have a lot of great projects in the mix!!

Sew Loquacious Angela said...

Looking forward to seeing your finished cabinet and your sewing projects!


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