Saturday, July 14, 2012

saturday part 2

wow!  that was fun!  sheep riding was a little scarier than i anticipated.  zach took one look at them and changed his mind.  alex rode his sheep all the way into the fence, and got some nice scratches on his back, but got a 57 (3rd highest score!) and even went back to ride it again!  he rode even longer the 2nd time, but they take the first qualifying score.  (sorry if you already know that, i'm new to all this rodeo stuff)

a little later, all three older kids did the greased pig contest.  alex almost got that slippery guy, it ran right between his legs! 

so much fun!  man can those pigs squeal!  then emma took first in the foot race - she's sooo fast!  we stopped in the richmond museum, and i took a few pictures of the quilts they had on display - i really love this first one.  i think i'd like to make this someday.

this signature quilt is kind of modern looking!

and look at the ancient sewing machine.  i dig the yellow sashing on that quilt!

all in all, a pretty great time.  do you have a town fair you attend?  or do you do the county or state fairs? 

we'll be back tomorrow with another guest and another giveaway!  see you then!

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