Saturday, July 14, 2012


wow - this week has flown by!  another huge thank you to all of the sponsors and guests we've had this week!

today is saturday, and it's also the last day of our town fair.  i love the fair!! this year i entered 8 things, and my daughter entered for the first time!  she took a blue ribbon for her best friends scrapbook!  so proud of her!

a lot of the entries are for 4H - which we aren't in - yet.  but they have an open class, and that's where all my entries go.  i took a blue ribbon for my cookies!  and got other 2nd and 3rd ribbons for a few quilts and misc. sewed items(a purse, an apron) but they won't be released until this evening, so i should have some photos to share later!

one of my favorite things about the fair is the turtle races and the frog jump contest.  we didn't have any to enter this year - it's been so dry we haven't seen any for awhile.  but still fun to watch!

go turtle go!

they have lots of games for the kids, like a tricycle race, and frisbee throw.  alex is 6, in the 6-8 category, and he's a little upset because all the other boys are older and winning everything.   but nothing a funnel cake can't fix!

in between races
the catholic church always has a concession stand - with fresh baked pie made by little old church ladies. mmmm. pie.  and the library does snow cones and frito pies.  after all, half the fun of the fair is the food.

and today, at noon, alex & zach are doing the mutton busting for the first time!  basically, you try to ride a sheep until you get thrown off.  should be hilarious.  i'll update with more photos later!  have a great saturday!

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