Tuesday, July 17, 2012

some blocks

i got a tiny bit of sewing time in! 

i made a (sort of) wonky star for bee vintage.  why is that so hard for me?!  i never "wonk" it enough.  i will make another one, try to shake it up a little more.  :)

i got my 6th block for beginner's quilt along finished.  this one is my favorite so far.  6 down, 6 (or 7) to go!  depending on whether i set them on point or not.  i also need to find some backing fabrics, i'm using mostly FQ for this and i won't have much left!

speaking of fabric - i am SO excited because my fabric bundle entry for Fat Quarter Idol at sewmamasew is in the voting!  if i win, i get a bundle of all my choices, and they will sell it in their shop as well!  wowza, that would be cool!  so if you have a minute, go see all the entries!  i hope you'll like mine! 

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