Friday, July 27, 2012

varsity cowl neck pullover

hi friends!  i'm back with another pattern review from peek a boo pattern shop!  this time i made the varsity cowl neck pullover for emma, using some knit fabric i found thrifting and couldn't pass up!

it's maybe a bit thin for this project, which calls for med-heavy weight knits or fleece.  but with a tank under it, it will be a good weight for those crazy fall days where it's cold in the morning and hot by lunchtime!

i didn't have quite enough fabric for the pattern.  i fussy cut the front so the diamond stripe was where i wanted it, and then didn't have enough for one of the sleeves!  so i had to seam a piece together, matching up stripes.  yes, it's the arm she's hiding behind her back.

the sleeve doesn't actually look too bad!
i stitched too far while attaching the bottom of the neckline, which made those little puckers in the corner.  i think it could be a cute design detail, little pleat in each corner, but alas, mine aren't going the same directions, one folds out and the other in.  i wasn't sure how to fix it, so i left it alone.  the revised pattern has some tips on avoiding that, BTW.   i used one of troy's old gray tees for the cuffs, neck and bottom band.

it was so easy.  really.  get yourself some ball point needles, knit fabric,

and her varsity cowl neck pullover pattern and make one today!


Sara said...

She looks darling in it Tammie! Love all the color and the neckline detail.

Lauranie said...

OMGosh...this is soooo cute!! Great job!! She is getting bigger and more gorgeous everytime I see a new pic of her!! :D Hope your summer is going lazy here! Kiddos back at school next week...hope to catch up more then!! xo


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