Thursday, August 30, 2012


thanks for the sweet comments about charm crossing.  it really made my day!

one thing that kind of bugged me about that project was the leftover charms.  since a moda charm pack comes with 42 charms (and removing the off-white made it 40), and i needed at least 50, the only solution was to require 2 charm packs.  some company's charm packs have less charms, example, chicopee  for free spirit only has 30 (gorgeous) 5 inch squares.  riley blake usually has 21-25 charms in a pack.  something to keep in mind if you are making charm crossing, or if you win the giveaway.

so i've been kind of obsessed with finding uses for all of the extra charms.  of course, you could save them for another project, like my chopped up charms table runner

anyways, here's another idea using hourglass blocks.  you can make an ohio star block! 

it uses 4 hourglass blocks, and five 4" charms. this makes a slightly smaller block, measuring 11" unfinished.  you could do a whole quilt from these, which is what i'm working on right now.  i'm using sugar pop by moda.  but i have to decide on a layout first. 

because if you set them on point they make a pretty star block.  hmm...


Mary Grace McNamara said...

Great ideas for the leftovers! I also like to piece my leftovers in the quilt backing. Love that fabric you are pretty!


krishna said...


Barb in MI said...

Tammie,it appears that the link to the printable Charm Crossing isn't working... I couldn't find a way to notify Moda. Thought you'd want to know.

Barb in MI said...

Yea! They fixed the link!


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