Sunday, August 12, 2012

tons o' fun

i wasn't planning such a long time between posts, we've just had so much going on!  the kids are enrolled in school and start next friday.  while doing a little BTS shopping, look what we found at target.  squee is the only appropriate word, i think! 

 how stinking cute is that?!  it even has bolts of fabric, a wrist pincushion...

i've been working on pincushions:


my quilt con block - nothing prize worthy but since the extras go for charity i wanted to submit at least one.  we had a little show and tell at guild last thursday, loved seeing all the different blocks!  there will be group pics on the blog soon, i'm sure.

ariane, a friend from guild, is quilting my bakeshop project for me - i am super excited to see what she comes up with!  and i got a call yesterday - my wee woodlands quilt is ready!  i'm picking it up tomorrow, hooray!  i will actually have something to show and tell next month at guild!

sawyer turns two on thursday, so we had party #1 yesterday for him and two of our nieces.  i made a little dolly dress for Ava as part of her present.  these are fun to make, they go so fast!

we'll have another on his actual birthday, complete with more presents and more frosting. 

yes, these are girly cupcakes.  sawyer doesn't care.

but we had a great time with the inlaws yesterday.  swimming in their new pool,

a BBQ rib contest between my husband and his brothers, tons of sides like jalepeno corn, homemade bread, three desserts, and golf cart rides.

even the dog rode along!  so proud of our nephews, they saved up their money to buy this golf cart - and they are very excited owners.  also, that is my son riding in the bag rack.  we're all about safety here. 

lots of fun things happening.  and we finally got rain!  hope everyone has a great week!


Sara said...

That pincushion is amazingly cute!!

Love the pic of your daughter with the sewing machine. Does she show an interest in sewing?

So excited for you to have a quilt in Moda Bake shop!!!!!!

Little Lady Patchwork said...

Go any of those girlie cupcakes left? :0)

Can't wait to see your Bake Shop project!


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