Monday, September 17, 2012

deep breath

i'm going to share something with you.  something scary.  don't be afraid though, because these are the before pictures. 

this, my friends, was my laundry room.  where i spend giant chunks of my day.  oh, it's serviceable and all, it gets the job done, but really, who wants to walk in there?  oh wait, you can't walk in there.  you can squeeze sideways, and even partially open the dryer door.

that's just embarrassing.

and the open shelving isn't much to look at either.  after all, i don't live in a magazine.  and i'm short, so i don't like to keep anything i need often on the upper shelves.  i've tried to buy matching baskets and such, but in the end, it's just not fun to look at.  that's why there's a pocket door to hide the entire room.  the shelves are staying for now though, so if you have any fun ideas of how to spruce up the view, i'd love to hear them!   i'm thinking new shelf brackets for sure...

it's long overdue for a facelift.  paint, tiles, trim.  there won't be anything too drastic happening, like brand new front loaders or anything fun like that.  yet.  but there is this:

the big blue water tank from the first pic has been removed!  and i'm hoping we can do something about that red water line.  surely there's a tidier way to do that?  i've got to lay the floor tiles.  and troy built me a brook laundry dresser, and i love it!  you can see it in the first pic, it holds 4 laundry baskets and is a huge space saver in there.  he's going to make me another one.  yay for husbands!

so anyways, there's a glimpse into my laundry pile.  i'm trying to pick a color for the walls.  i'm leaning towards pale blue.  something to make it feel larger, that goes with red water lines...  meanwhile, i'll be dreaming over the laundry rooms on my pinterest board.  thanks for reading!


Kelsey said...

It is definitely spruce-up-able! What about painting the walls a fun color and adding a small throw rug? Have you seen her laundry room?

Hers is bigger but she has a couple of posts about it and there are some great tips!

Farm Quilter said...

What a job you have going on here!!! I just wanted to let you know that the package you sent me from the blog hop arrived and I love it!!! I anxious to make a sweet baby quilt with the lovely soft fabric. Thank you so much!!!


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