Sunday, October 14, 2012

almond joy's got nuts,

mounds don't.  ♫♪♫♪
i've had that song stuck in my head all weekend.
probably because of these:

made from cheap felt, these costumes were super easy.  wish i could give credit for them, but it's another "as seen on pinterest" project with no original source..  i was hoping nobody at the party would recognize it, but the first thing my sis-in-law said was "oh, i saw that on pinterest!" lol

felt by the yard at joann's is 72" wide, and was on sale for $2.99/yard.  i ended up getting 2 yards of red and blue, which was a bit short of what i actually needed for length.  luckily, it's so wide that i had plenty left over.

i just cut a rectangle, sewed another strip on to make it longer(the only sewing part of the whole project!), and cut a small neck hole - felt has some give, so we were able to pull them on without trouble.   if you didn't want to sew anything on this project, get more yardage so you can cut the length from it.  but you will have tons left over.

then i glued all the felt details on with my hot glue gun. and i only burned myself once!  that's a personal record.  you could totally sew these on too, if you're an overachiever, but we wore them all night and they held up just fine.  i freehanded the bigger letters, because my printer doesn't work and the library wouldn't let me print bigger than the letters on the back.

i didn't even sew the sides up, we just used a safety pin on each side to hold them closed. 

i definitely will be using felt again for costumes.  it was fun, fast, and cheap.  troy's brother and his wife had homemade costumes too.  he made the magnet from a piece of foam, and she spray painted her dress! they were awesome! 

also on the guest list were christian grey and ana, beavis and butthead, and my favorite - the guy from the hangover and the baby.

now the hunt for next year's costume begins!  got any ideas for me?


Colleen said...

LOL. Love your costumes.
They all look great

Colleen said...

I forgot. For next year you could always go as plain and peanut M&M's

Dona Reynolds said...

Love it - too funny!

Ali said...

Ha, I don't even know what to say. I was going to say just reading the title got that song in my head too, but I think I can avoid that now.

Nuts :0!!!! Ok, must go show the picture to my husband now.

Sara said...

Those are awesome costumes especially the words on the back!! hehehe

movita beaucoup said...

Seriously awesome. (Also, I've been singing the Almond Joy song all week - since first seeing this post!)


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