Monday, October 8, 2012


i saw this pin the other day.  and the next day we were at joanns, and i came across the perler beads.  so of course we had to get them! 

we made a set to give to cousin lyla for her birthday.  the gummy bears smell like candy ;)  i found them at the 'mart.

they are pretty easy to do.  not easy enough for the kids, unfortunately.  unless you like beads spilled all over the floor, lol!  find a pair of scissors small enough to slide in the tip, make a slit, and then i used the scissors to help hold the space open while i slipped it on the cord. 

i bought a kit that had a variety of beads, but you can buy bags of individual colors. 

i had a coupon, the kit was about $5.  i'm sure the beads will fall off eventually, and i'm a little concerned they may tangle with her long hair.  but they're fun to make and look at! 

Perler Beads Glitter Mix Bead Bag (1000 Count)

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