Wednesday, October 24, 2012

emma's 8!

hard to believe, but our darling little gal turned eight yesterday.  she is amazing.  we love that sweet girl so much!  she wanted me to make this kitkat cake.  you've seen it, right?  and i was all for it, sounded super easy.  but when i figured up how much candy i'd need, i decided it was a bit much.  that's a lot of kit kats, people.  so we compromised.  i made rainbow colored cupcakes, which is always fun, and swirled some chocolate buttercream on top.  emma stuck the candy on all of them for me. 

we celebrated last night after awesome parent teacher conferences by going to eat at the new mexican place.  which is in the same place as the old mexican place.  which led to confusion for alex, who missed the pictures the old one had on the wall and was complaining loudly about it.  and sawyer was randomly yelling too, i'm sure they were glad when we left!

the school halloween carnival was last weekend, and a huge success!  we raised more money than last year for PTO and the kids had a great time.

we're the Avengers the year - i still need to figure out a captain america outfit before saturday.  probably making these masks.  troy's being the hulk, and sawyer is iron man.  he was napping when we took this picture, so i'm hoping for a good group shot this weekend!

i'm working on a few projects, nothing to show at this point though.  i'm testing quilt blocks for quiltmaker magazine, so i can't share those anyways until it comes out!  hope you're having a productive week!

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