Thursday, October 11, 2012

last minute

october is my month for the kc scrappy bee!  super excited, but i had a hard time choosing what i'd like everyone to make.  i sort of realized this morning i needed to have them ready by tonight!  we're all going to be at denyse schmidt's program, so what better time to bust out my chicopee charm packs?  and look, won't it be awesome! 

4 blocks together
i decided on a variation of the mosaic block from the summer sampler series.  i still want to make the whole quilt someday!  i have 2 charm packs of chicopee, so that's what we're using, along with white. 

the chicopee charms are 6 inch squares, which means they make 5 1/2" hst.  the pinked edges are a bit shy of 6", so i centered them on the white.  draw a line corner to corner, then stitch along each side.

cut apart, and square them up to 5 1/2".  you won't have much to cut off, if any.

when you stitch them four of them together like this, you get a 10.5" block. (note, the white is in top left, same print side by side)

This is the block you're making!

i'm asking each member to make one block, each using 2 different chicopee charms paired with white.  i'll decide the actual layout once i get them all back.  i also like the idea of this:

the fun part for me is playing with the blocks!   i also thought about doing grey stitch and flip triangles in the center diamond, like this:

and you get a 2nd pattern of pinwheels in the other white areas.  so many choices!  tune in next month...


Kelsey said...

love the bottom layout! and the chicopee of course :)

Douglas said...

I'm pumped!!

Jane said...

I like your alternate block ideas - i used this block for a bee but didn't think about changing the settings.

Patti said...

Love the block and thanks for the tutorial. I am so going to make this block tomorrow.
Patti xxx

Mary Kay said...

Love the fabric! I'm assuming you draw a line down the diagonal center and sew on either side to get two hst's. Is that right?


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