Friday, October 5, 2012

let's talk dinnertime.

we almost always eat dinner at home.  when we moved in, we put in a kitchen island with five stools, so for years that's where we've eaten our meals.  usually with me standing, always ready to mop up spills or get more milk.  (excuse me while i take off my supermom cape.)

we had a dining table, given to us by my parents.  i had painted it black, and refinished the top, and it was nice looking.  but it was built for four, and it was used mostly for coloring and lego building.  eventually, most of the chairs had broken spindles, and had been re-glued (several times).  and one day, after a friend left, i realized just how awful it looked. 

enter craigslist.  troy and i scoured it daily.  well, i should say, first we went shopping at nebraska furniture mart.  we found a set we loved, but the table alone was over $2000.  and i know our kids, eventually they will get their grubby fingers on a sharpie.  so we resigned ourselves to a used set.  i knew i wanted it to seat at least 6, and have a center pedestal.  i also wanted spindle back chairs.  troy wanted solid wood, sturdy stuff that would hold up to three boys.

well, after weeks of looking and missing out on sets, i found one that had perfect chairs.  but we didn't like the table so much.  at $150, we went ahead and got it.  my mom and dad loved the table, and so we gave it to them.  and less than a week later, mom called.  she was at a yard sale, and there was an oak table, just like i wanted, for $50.  sweet!  so we got our "new" set after all.

eventually i want to refinish or paint the set, but frankly i don't have time or energy right now to do it.  i love being able to sit the entire family around it, and finally be able to use my pretty table runners and napkins!

this is my entry into sewmamasew's table stitch, table set, table scape contest!   down the center is my "recipe for friendship" table runner, which i made from a charm pack and bound with gingham from granny's stash.  the handmade red gingham napkins i received in a fun online swap.  and then there's my favorite animal mugs.  they're from when i was a kid, and i am always on the lookout for more when thrifting.  i have a monkey, giraffe, alligator, ostrich, and lion.  the plates were a hand me down set of dishes - they have crackly marks in the finish, crazing i think it's called, but i really like it.  plus, if a piece gets broken, it doesn't bother me.  and the kids get a thrill out of using "glass" instead of their normal plastic ware.

i put some roses from my mom's garden in canning jars, aren't they gorgeous?  she's got such a green thumb.

i also just love the sunlight that streams in through our french doors.  it makes the whole room feel cozy and warm.  it does make taking photos difficult though! since our kitchen, dining, and family room are all one long room, the comfy, non-fussy feel spills over into those areas with handmade quilts on the back of the couches, lots of pillows, and fun kitchen towels.  maybe someday i will have a fancy, magazine kind of home, but for now, our family lives here.  :)

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Sara said...

I am adoring it all Tammie! I really like your animal mugs and all that cute gingham.

I am always on the look out for a 6 person table just for when guests come over even though we ourselves are only a family of 3. I had to use my 4 ft table from my sewing room last weekend and two computer chairs for a kids table and the adults sat at our round 4 person table!!


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