Monday, November 5, 2012

and done.

i love finishing things!  i'm finally getting caught back up!

first up, bee blocks for october.  i made my bee vintage blocks at the beginning of the month.  but then i didn't really like them, so i stuck them in an envelope.  but i don't remember if i mailed them or not, and i can't find them!  please tell me you do things like that too?

so i made her two new blocks and i really like these!  she wanted us to mix vintage sheet fabric with a modern print, using one of the blocks from oh, fransson's mod sampler quilt.  fun, right?

then i finished some inspire blocks.  she asked for simple 12.5" log cabins using mostly gray, black, and white - but she wanted us to keep it masculine.  i learned that i don't have many grays that play well together in my stash, and i have a lot of polka dots!  i hope these will work, i accidentally used a tiny floral in one of them.  but it's small and not all that noticeable.

i also made two burp cloths for a baby shower this weekend.  my little brother and his wife are having a baby!  they're having a girl but he's pretty adamant about no pink.  they both work for the national forestry service, and i found this perfect tree hugger print in my stash.  the nursery is yellow with dark brown furniture, so i also chose a riley blake floral with tiny brown flowers.  i used a tutorial from prudent baby, and one hand towel was just enough to back both of them. 

still some sewing left to do tonight - a friend needs a new curtain for her bathroom, and i'd like to finish up another project or two.  if you're playing in the pincushion swap with KCMQG this thursday, don't forget about my pinterest board!  lots of great tutorials on there if you need some ideas, or haven't made yours yet, like me.  :)

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FiberofAll Sorts said...

Love your log cabins...both colorways!


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