Friday, November 30, 2012

apron strings

i made an apron for emma!  it's part of her christmas present.

i started this awhile back, and found it in my WIP pile.  it's just a small version of my favorite apron, and i added a ruffle to the bottom.  and i learned it's hard to take a good picture of an apron without a model!  i used a bunch of old fabrics for this, scraps and sheets and that cherry print.


she wants an easy bake oven for christmas - but i would rather her learn to cook for reals.  we got her a cake pop maker, and i'm going to wrap it up with a bunch of fun sprinkles and decorations and the apron!  i hope she'll like it.  i've been encouraging her to help me in the kitchen.  she piped the filling into deviled eggs and helped roll pie crust for thanksgiving.  i'm excited to have someone to bake with!  

1 comment:

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

It's so much more fun to have someone to cook and bake with! I think she will love it!


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