Wednesday, November 28, 2012

ginger 2012

so movita beaucoup  is having this gingerbread house contest called ginger 2012, and i thought i'd play along.  i've never made a gingerbread house from scratch before.  but how hard could it be?

Source: via Good on Pinterest

i have this cute 3D cookie cutter from good cook, that cuts all the shapes for a mini house, and i imagined a whole village of frosty topped buildings.

so i found a recipe.  one that didn't call for molasses, because i don't have any.  and then i realized i didn't have any ground ginger either.  i should have just hung up my apron there.

but the cookies actually came out quite tasty!  (i used pumpkin pie spice) they are nice and crisp, with just the right amount of spice.  they are probably more kid friendly than traditional ones, since the flavor's not as strong.  i should have chilled the dough in between, because my cookies spread a little too much.  we made stars, bunnies, snowmen, trees, and lots of house pieces.

next, i dusted off the parchment triangles i bought back in 2001 for that wilton class i took.  made some piping cones, whipped up some royal icing, felt very professional, and we got to work.  the kids got to decorate their bunnies and snowmen with m&ms and nerds from the halloween bucket.  sawyer spent his time licking the frosting off his cookies and eating the candy.

the three older kids tried to build houses.  no luck.  they all collapsed before long under the weight of too much icing.  i tried to tell them.  nobody ever listens to me.

and i tried my best to make a pretty snow capped village.  it's a funny thing, my piping skills haven't improved over the last few years with no practice!  (it's been awhile since i decorated anything.) i added some snowy effects using picmonkey :)  and, my buildings are still standing.  in your face, children!

then, for giggles, i tweeted a picture of this house that zach built, pretending it was going to be my entry for ginger 2012.  if you are *actually* talented at building a gingerbread house, be sure to head over to her site and enter yours by december 16th.  at least you know there's no competition from me.  :)


jacquie said...

brings back such good memories!

Kelli said...

Oh, how fun. Kids never listen when it comes to this stuff, do they? We always make gingerbread houses out of a milk carton in 1st grade here and when my Emma was in 1st, the kids' houses were crazy!! I was like calm down there on the decorations, but they loved them. I guess that's what matters. ;)

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

The memories will last a lifetime!
I have never been able to make a gingerbread house. We tried once. ;-) That was enough...

movita beaucoup said...

Dude, you've gotta enter that freakin' village.

Oh, and then your kids should enter the... pile they created. CUTE KIDS WITH CRUDDY HOUSES GET VOTES.

Just sayin'.


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