Thursday, November 1, 2012

halloween hangover

bear with me, folks, for a day or two.  someone's always sick around here, and things have been a little crazy.  i have some stuff to share, but no good pics or time to write them up!  meanwhile, here's a pic of us last night. 

the kids loved their first time trick or treating door to door.  we hitched a hayrack ride, and stopped at most of the houses in our small town!  the kids were thrilled with their candy haul.  those buckets were full! 

unfortunately, emma woke up sick in the middle of the night - and she only had one piece of candy before bed, so i don't think it was that. but she's been unable to keep anything down all day. i also got called to the school, aj wasn't feeling well either, and then my husband came home sick from work.  so tomorrow should be interesting!  wish me luck! 

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Sharon said...

I hope everyone is all better soon!


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