Saturday, November 17, 2012

handprint turkeys

this is a project i've been meaning to do ever since i first saw it at bella dia!  so cute and easy!  my kids had a blast helping me.  they loved tracing their hands, and they thought it was funny that sawyer's was so tiny!  you could easily make this a no sew project by using felt for the bodies, and gluing them together. 

i started with a stack of fall colored fabrics, and let the kids pick which one they wanted for their turkey.  cut out their handprints, stitch, turn them inside out (i used a knitting needle and a lot of patience) and stuff your bird.  add some felt feathers, beak, and wattle, draw on a sharpie eye, and you have yourself a turkey!  we didn't add wings to the sides, but you can if you want.

i love our little turkey family!  to make sure we know whose bird is whose, i added a sharpie initial in the corner.  you could embroider them on if you wanted, but i'm lazy :)  i've been looking through my basket stash to find a proper nest, but haven't got one picked out yet.

what about you?  what's your favorite handprint turkey craft?  making anything fun for your own thanksgiving?  share a link in the comments!


Kelli said...

Too cute!! Those will be family heirlooms for sure. :)

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

What a darling idea!!


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