Sunday, November 4, 2012

progress of sorts

i've been working more on those jelly roll star blocks i shared a few weeks back.  i actually had them finished, laid out, and was ready to stitch the sashing that would join all of the rows together.  i was doing 4 rows of 5 blocks, and using the solid strips to add some fun to the sashing.

then my husband walked in and said "are you making another one of those little quilts?  why don't you make it bigger?  i like this one, will you make it bigger so i can use it?" 

he's not a fan of a lap quilt or throw.  he likes enormous blankets that take two people to fold, which look ridiculous on the couch.   he also likes to have his feet covered, and i suppose that's a valid request.  and since he said he likes it, i decided i would do him a solid and add a few more blocks.  so my quilt top which was thisclose to being finished just got put back on the list.  :)  hopefully i have enough strips left to add at least one more row.  we'll see.

also on the list - finishing up and mailing bee blocks, making a pincushion for the KCMQG swap on thursday, and figuring out my new phone and instagram!  yes, i joined up because my sweet husband bought me a smart phone for my birthday last week.  i love it and wonder how i ever lived without it!  so i'm on instagram if you want to follow me.  i'd tell you how but i haven't figured it out yet... lol!  what's your favorite instagram tip?  best filter?


katie said...

Love the colors of this one!

Kelsey said...

Beautiful quilt! My husband and I are both the same way about quilts - bigger is better! Then you can wrap up!


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