Wednesday, November 14, 2012

things we're thankful for, day two

there are so many things i'm grateful for each and every day.  little things, like coffee and that my older kids can tie their own shoes.  and bigger things, like healthy kids, and a hot husband who lets me be a stay at home mommy and wear pajamas all day. 

last night we had an early thanksgiving at my parents' house.  my mom's sister lavada and her husband jim are in town from texas.  the kids love their dog christy, who does tricks!  she waves hello, she can do math (he'll ask her a question like, what's 2 plus 2, and she'll bark 4 times) and the kids just love it!  in addition to the great food and getting to spend time with them, my nana gave me a quilt top that she pieced for me to finish.  i'll make the backing, but will be sending this one out to be quilted.

it's a scrappy drunkard's trail (or snake's trail), and as i studied it, i realized it has lots of scraps from a baby dress that was my mom's and then mine.  mom gave the threadbare jumper to me when emma was born, to use as a pattern for a new dress.

i got as far as cutting out the fabric, but it was never finished.  maybe because i got pregnant with alex within months of having her (they're 14 months apart)!  i'll have to dig it back out and finish it for my niece who's due in january.

i can almost guarantee this quilt will be the newest favorite once it's finished and put into use in our family room.  there are so many fabrics and colors going on!  these kind of quilts just make a room feel warm and cozy.

today is thanksgiving lunch at the kids' school, and they'll dress like pilgrims with paper bonnets and hats!  looking forward to carrying my little lunch tray and spending time with them at school. the girls all love to chase sawyer around and try to hold him.  :)

i've pinned lots of thanksgiving ideas to the sew full of thanks board - go check it out for recipes, free printables like the one above, craft ideas, and more! 


Capi said...

What a treasure of a quilt top. I have one my grandmother made from flour sacks, a Grandmother's Flower Garden, appropriately. I need to quilt it!

Swedish Scrapper said...

Lovely gift! I just lve too see the sewing my grandmothers did/do, as their ways of seeing and designing are so interesting in the way they have melowed, or might be based on thrift in a different way than younger quilters do.


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