Tuesday, November 27, 2012

wrap it up

so, how do you wrap your presents?  do you coordinate your wrappings, or let the kids pick out the paper?  does santa use a different paper so the kids don't get suspicious?  i've always used a mix of bags and boxes, but this year, i'm doing something different.

i'm making fabric gift bags for some of the presents! i've finished 7, they are so fast and easy to make!  a half yard will make one medium bag, using this tutorial at riley blake.  but i changed the sizes on a couple of the ones i made.

i had some christmas fabrics, so i used those, but this is a great project for using vintage sheets!  admittedly, green sheets are a little harder to find, but in my stash i had a gingham, a stripe, and a polka dot. 

i also had a red seersucker stripe that came from troy's grandma's stash. i'm happy with how they all turned out!  if your fabric is non directional, you can even use the selvage edges for the casing side, saving yourself the turn down step. i dug into my ribbon basket to find cording and grosgrain to use for ties.

i love the idea of appliqueing the kids' names on the bags, so they have their own bag to reuse every year. or, you could make the reusable gift tags at simple simon.

there are a bazillion tutorials, but i like this one for small items - you can make 2 from a fat quarter and the ribbon closure is smart.

and of course, for a fancier bag that's a present in itself, you could use jeni's tutorial for a fully lined bag.  i've made lots of those too, choosing the fabric combos is my favorite part!

i'll admit, they aren't as cute as paper covered boxes, but they do have a bonus.  i can knot the ribbons shut, so nobody can peek, and the toddler can't tear them open like a paper wrapped gift!  that's a win in my book.


Sharon said...

Great idea!

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

This really is a great idea. =)

Sewgreen said...

I like the idea of a bag, but I just LOVE ripping paper open! so I would probably wrap in newspaper (like I normally do) then also put it in the bag, DOUBLY sure no one will be able to peek at what they are getting :)


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