Monday, December 17, 2012

cookies everywhere!

i've been baking and mixing and rolling and dunking.  all week.  oh, and eating.  all week. 

for guild i ended up taking the peanut butter bites and oreo cheescake truffles. those are another simple and fast treat - crush a package of oreos, mix in a brick of cream cheese, scoop into balls, dunk in chocolate or roll in powdered sugar, and serve.  sorry i forgot to take any pics.  i made them again for a family christmas party yesterday, and my sis-in-law brought them too!  hers were extra fancy, dipped in white chocolate. 

yesterday was my friend joy's annual cookie exchange.  this year, we had 1,836 cookies on the table!  whoa, that's a lot of cookies. 

lots of tasty treats!  here's some links to a few of the cookie recipes.

i made jam thumbprints - and i used "traffic jam", which is made from strawberries, raspberries, cranberries, and cherries.  we also had mexican hot chocolates, fudge crinkles, and i think my fave is stacy's chai spiced sugar cookie.  oh and joy's melted snowmen! there were others i don't have recipes for - pistachio lime balls, peanut butter honeys, PB sandwiches, grinch cookies, german chocolate thumbprints, decorated sugar cookies, two different mint cookies, the list goes on!

so with all the baking, and eating, this cartoon made me giggle.

so in an effort to balance out the extra calories, i've been trying to do the 30 day shred video every other day.  i'd love to get in the habit of doing it every morning, but some days i just can't make myself.  the kids like to do it with me, but sunday morning it was just me and sawyer. 

he was so funny!  he was trying so hard to lift those 3 pound weights above his waist!  he likes the jumping jacks and situps too.  it's nice to have something to smile about while you exercise! 

(the giveaway ends tonight, and i will announce a winner in the morning!)


Altax said...

Looks yummy!!!

Kids Games

Stitches said...

Wow, that was some Cookie Exchange..I haven't done one for lots of years but they are alot of fun..

Susan said...

Hello there! I stumbled in here when I searched for a cute cartoon about weight gain over the holidays and you know.... I'M SO GLAD I STUMBLED IN!! I truly enjoyed this post! I also baked what seems like a bazillion cookies for Christmas and even though I could live without laying eyes on another cookie for another year... I drooled over the cookie spread photo you posted LOL. Lovely blog, I hope everyone enjoyed the cookies!


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