Tuesday, December 18, 2012

the home stretch

thanks to everybody who entered to win the riley blake fabrics!  the winner has been emailed, so be sure to check your spam folders too, people.

with all the baking, i haven't had as much time for sewing.  i did get these bee blocks for lyanna and do. good stitches completed.  these are fun to make!  5 inch charms with 3 inch corners.

and i did a block for the KC scrappy bee.  lauren had us all make 16ish" x 18ish" blocks from the khaki with just a small rectangle of pieced scraps set in.  this should be fun to see when it's done.  plus, think of the possibilities for the quilting in all that negative space!

and i got my coquette jelly roll top pieced(finally).  it has some sunkissed texts and a random gingham thrown in for fun.  think i'll add a border, to make it twin size.  the pattern (from oct '12 american patchwork and quilting) called for 6 1/2" white strips on all sides, but i don't think i want that.  so, still thinking.  ideas are forming :)  i need to finish it, i have a lady ready to quilt it.  i am so glad to have it off my design wall though.  it was taking up all the room! 

i'm working on a stocking for a friend, made from vintage fabrics.  i was halfway done with it last night before i realized i was making it all wrong, so now i'm ripping stitches and starting over.  ugh.

troy will be off for almost 2 weeks in a few days, and he's got some home improvement stuff for us to tackle.  i'll try to incorporate that into some fun DIY posts. hopefully we'll start the new year with two new bedrooms(and closets!!) and bright shiny new lighting in our kitchen and dining area.  at the same time, i'm dreading the mess and upheaval of remodeling.  anyone else have ambitious plans for the holidays?


Altax said...

Looks great!!!

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Dana - Old Red Barn Co. said...

You've been busy withs lots of good sewing!


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