Thursday, January 31, 2013

winter wonderland

i am so excited to be participating in my first ever round robin!  hosted by becky from patchwork posse, this is sure to be a fun project.  this is her 5th, so she knows what she's doing! the theme is winter wonderland.  my turn isn't until this summer, but it's already begun, with posts on the 2nd and 4th monday of each month.

we have our first quiet weekend here in awhile. now that my madrona road quilt is pieced, i am ready to tackle a new project!  i'm hoping for some sunshine this afternoon to go with my photoshoot.  wish me luck :)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

mini craft room tour

i've tried to take a photo or two of my space, but it's small and narrow and i was having a hard time figuring out how to share it. but luckily, when i cleaned photos off my camera this afternoon, i found out my toddler did some of it for me!

the kids like to hang out in the little space there and play on the kindle. and in the background is the hallway where we wait for the bus.  i still have some hooks to hang for their coats. and behind the fabric shelves is the stairs.  i love my garage sale shelves/room dividers.  i was lucky that they both had finished backs i could paint. (and it looks so much better than this!)

the view, if you're sitting on the floor. pretty fabrics all stacked up. and my sewing table.

 the ancient serger i need to figure out the tension on.

thank goodness i was wearing my best tie-dyed fleece pjs.

i loved finding these photos though, because i love seeing the view through their eyes.  and because of shots like this one:

huge forehead? check. 
ginormous eyes? check. 
butt photobomb? check.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

clean sweep

i am in the middle of a whole house purging/reorganizing marathon.  i've been hard at work and am loving the changes so far!  easiest quick fix? inspired by an instagram photo, i hung my measuring cups and spoons by hooks on the inside of my cabinet door.  it freed up half a drawer, which is welcome space in any kitchen.

the biggest task has been my sewing space. i'm not quite ready to share, but i'm having fun playing with my fabric and tidying things.  the kids hang out in the corner while i work in there, so i want to make two big floor pillows. the space works so much better now than before!

so a few things for show and share:

this sweet little pincushion is what i received in the MQG swap! isn't she adorable?

 thanks cheryl, i really love her.  i'm not sure what i'll name her yet.

my inspire bee blocks:


this is going to be an amazing quilt! i can't wait to see it come together.

i've made good progress on my madrona road sparkle punch quilt. i am going to work on it some more tonight. trying to decide how to back and bind it.

then i dyed emma's coat from pale pink to bright royal blue.  it was a spur of the moment thing - i didn't even grab a picture of the before.  i was just hanging up her coat and decided i couldn't take it anymore. it was a church sale score, but the pale pink always looked dirty. i wasn't sure how the colors would turn out, i thought it might get muddy or turn purplish. but the color is bright and clear. it is missing a belt though, hmm...

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

slow down 2013!

has it already been a week? i feel as though i'm not living up to my blog title lately.  not much craftiness going on round here, even in my head.

i feel like we go from one disaster to another these days.  someone backed into my new van, cracked the back bumper in a perfect ball hitch circle.  no note, of course.  i've only had it a month!  grr!  the five year old launched a hairbrush and hit our 4 month old 55 inch tv that my husband loves *almost* as much as said 5 year old.  and we've been without water twice this week, problems with the treatment system.  first it was a busted pipe in the field between here and the lake, which meant digging 4 feet down to repair the pipe.  really hoping it's not the pipe again.  oh, and we had a water leak under the kitchen sink, that was fun. sigh. it can only get better, right?

in better news, i've been rehashing 2012 and that makes me happy!  when i sit down and add it up, it's a good feeling of accomplishment!  favorites and firsts for me in 2012:

my 1st moda bakeshop project, charm crossing
had a project accepted for publication (101 little one yard wonders, due out spring 2014)

attended spring quilt market and schoolhouse! so much fun! (hi candice!)
became a pattern tester for quiltmaker magazine's 100 blocks vol. 7

tested patterns for peek-a-boo pattern shop, and sewed my first swimsuit!
saw denyse schmidt speak in kc

took an invisible applique class with jenifer dick
took a FMQ class with tia curtis
attended most of the KCMQG meetings last year - that is a first!  i'm getting better at making time for me!

helped out with the MQG pincushion swap

and on top of that, i participated in three quilting bees: bee vintage, do.good stitches, and the kc scrappy bee.  i pieced several quilt tops (although i didn't get them finished) and various other projects. 

mostly drawstring bags, i think i made 12 this year.

so what's up for the year ahead?  i have set a few goals for myself, one of which is to submit some ideas to magazines, and another to finally, really give FMQ a try.  a third goal is to work in exercise as often as i can.  the kids have been helping me with that, and when they are laughing and enjoying themselves it makes the pain a little less :) if you're on instagram, join in with #sweatnsew and we can support one another!  i am amazed at how quickly i've gained stamina and strength.  i really recommend 30 day shred, it's only 20 minutes for a workout. i'm trying to do it every other day.

and i will be blogging a little less, but instagraming (is that even a word?!) more, i am on my phone all the time now and spend less time on the laptop. and i have the MQG madrona road challenge to complete.  i'm hoping to start this evening, i finally came up with a plan!

i took a mini break from the scrappy trip along.  but i was back at it yesterday, with three more blocks!  i'm up to 12 now.  i'm going for 18. i'll keep sorting through my stash, looking for those colors, and in the end i think it will be a fun quilt for the family room.  i still don't love it, but can see making another one in a different color palette with a more structured feel.  the pattern is easy and they go together so quickly.  with jelly rolls, you could knock this out in no time.  i think a top made using a kona pacific jelly roll, along with prints (maybe from stamped?) would be awesome!

what about you?  do you have any goals for this year?  let's support one another and make this the best year ever!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

tripped up

i have now made nine blocks for the #scrappytripalong.  they are fun to make!  but as i see everyone else's blocks, they seem to work together so much better than mine!  i'm loving in particular happy zombie's mostly solid version, especially the white in it. and mo bedell's monochromatic blocks. and pretty much everyone else's blocks that i see.  just not mine!

i choose a color run of red, purple, orange, blue, yellow, and green.  and i've been sticking to that color order for each blocks, but varying the color that runs the center.  i wonder if i'd like it better if they all had the same color in the middle?  and i have very little purple in my stash!  i'm at a stand still and will set this aside for a day or two.  maybe it will grow on me. or maybe i'll take the blocks apart to reconfigure them.  i also hate that one in the very center - the large red gingham does not work at all.

so i decided to work on finishing this tunic top for emma.  it's simplicity 2437. i cut the pieces out over break, and now am waiting for her to get home so i can add the elastic waist.  if it needs it.  it's looking on the small side, although i did prewash so it shouldn't shrink.  i may add some crochet lace to the neckline or bottom.  i think it will be cute with leggings and boots.  more pics later if my model is feeling up to it ;)


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