Thursday, January 24, 2013

clean sweep

i am in the middle of a whole house purging/reorganizing marathon.  i've been hard at work and am loving the changes so far!  easiest quick fix? inspired by an instagram photo, i hung my measuring cups and spoons by hooks on the inside of my cabinet door.  it freed up half a drawer, which is welcome space in any kitchen.

the biggest task has been my sewing space. i'm not quite ready to share, but i'm having fun playing with my fabric and tidying things.  the kids hang out in the corner while i work in there, so i want to make two big floor pillows. the space works so much better now than before!

so a few things for show and share:

this sweet little pincushion is what i received in the MQG swap! isn't she adorable?

 thanks cheryl, i really love her.  i'm not sure what i'll name her yet.

my inspire bee blocks:


this is going to be an amazing quilt! i can't wait to see it come together.

i've made good progress on my madrona road sparkle punch quilt. i am going to work on it some more tonight. trying to decide how to back and bind it.

then i dyed emma's coat from pale pink to bright royal blue.  it was a spur of the moment thing - i didn't even grab a picture of the before.  i was just hanging up her coat and decided i couldn't take it anymore. it was a church sale score, but the pale pink always looked dirty. i wasn't sure how the colors would turn out, i thought it might get muddy or turn purplish. but the color is bright and clear. it is missing a belt though, hmm...


Nikki McDonald said...

I SO wish I had your energy. I am surrounded by messes.

Love the sparkle punch and you've inspired me to do the same thing with a jacket that I have. It's hot pink and I never wear it. But... Maybe I would if it were a darker color...

Candice @ Made With Love said...

The elephant and the quilt are amazing!!!


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