Sunday, January 27, 2013

mini craft room tour

i've tried to take a photo or two of my space, but it's small and narrow and i was having a hard time figuring out how to share it. but luckily, when i cleaned photos off my camera this afternoon, i found out my toddler did some of it for me!

the kids like to hang out in the little space there and play on the kindle. and in the background is the hallway where we wait for the bus.  i still have some hooks to hang for their coats. and behind the fabric shelves is the stairs.  i love my garage sale shelves/room dividers.  i was lucky that they both had finished backs i could paint. (and it looks so much better than this!)

the view, if you're sitting on the floor. pretty fabrics all stacked up. and my sewing table.

 the ancient serger i need to figure out the tension on.

thank goodness i was wearing my best tie-dyed fleece pjs.

i loved finding these photos though, because i love seeing the view through their eyes.  and because of shots like this one:

huge forehead? check. 
ginormous eyes? check. 
butt photobomb? check.


Lindsay(PACountryCrafts) said...

Cute! I am surprised that your kids don't rip the fabric off of the shelves like mine would. ;)

Sara said...

I think these photos are pretty great too!! Wonderful to see everything through their eyes indeed.

The shelves are very chic and pretty!

Patricia said...

Cute? Chech and double check


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