Thursday, January 3, 2013

tripped up

i have now made nine blocks for the #scrappytripalong.  they are fun to make!  but as i see everyone else's blocks, they seem to work together so much better than mine!  i'm loving in particular happy zombie's mostly solid version, especially the white in it. and mo bedell's monochromatic blocks. and pretty much everyone else's blocks that i see.  just not mine!

i choose a color run of red, purple, orange, blue, yellow, and green.  and i've been sticking to that color order for each blocks, but varying the color that runs the center.  i wonder if i'd like it better if they all had the same color in the middle?  and i have very little purple in my stash!  i'm at a stand still and will set this aside for a day or two.  maybe it will grow on me. or maybe i'll take the blocks apart to reconfigure them.  i also hate that one in the very center - the large red gingham does not work at all.

so i decided to work on finishing this tunic top for emma.  it's simplicity 2437. i cut the pieces out over break, and now am waiting for her to get home so i can add the elastic waist.  if it needs it.  it's looking on the small side, although i did prewash so it shouldn't shrink.  i may add some crochet lace to the neckline or bottom.  i think it will be cute with leggings and boots.  more pics later if my model is feeling up to it ;)


Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Personally, I think you would like it better if it had the same color block in the center. It created such a cool pattern when done that way. Now, I would NOT redo them all. Way too much work! =)

Sharon said...

I don't know what you're talking about! The scrapiness is what makes it work.


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