Tuesday, February 5, 2013

guess what?

my charm crossing quilt is on it's way to quiltcon!  they might display in the moda bakeshop booth.  if you're going, i'd love it if you took a picture of it for me.  or of you next to it. or with it photobombing in the background while you schmooze with the bakeshop folks. lucky.

i don't remember if i told you, but sawyer drew on the back of it with a black marker? and it mostly came out, except for on that pink hourglass? i'm hoping they can still display the front. he also wrote across the back of our couch. luckily it all came out.

and when he's so funny, it's hard to be mad at him. this is him sporting pj pants i made out of a pair of troy's old pants. so easy, you reuse the hems and side seam and trace a pair of pants that fit them well. and so cute to see a little mini troy running around.

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