Tuesday, February 5, 2013

madrona road challenge

i finished the quilting and binding on my madrona road challenge quilt this weekend! i am so happy to be done on time for guild this thursday. this is the first challenge i've completed. they gave us a fat eighth bundle and we could add in solids. our guild's rules were to use a traditional pieced block as inspiration, and you had to include the block somewhere on the quilt.

mine is the big patchwork star on the back. inspired by in color order's giant vintage star pattern, i made mine smaller to fit the front. i used oh, fransson's sparkle punch pattern there, sizing it down a bit. i used 3 inch squares, so i could get more cuts out of my fat eighths. and i had already bought some of this line from i don't do dishes, so i added in that too.

my solids were kona white and pepper, moda bella charcoal, cotton couture in straw (which is fabulous, so soft), the blue is moda - i think - and a purple grunge by basic gray. i don't know it's name. it's got hints of blue in it, and the back is a deep eggplant color. i love how it turned out.  i wanted the quilting to be reversible, so i went with a straight vertical line.  well, somewhat straight.  i didn't mark it, just lined up the edge of my foot with the piecing lines and shoved the quilt across the machine. i just let the walking foot guide it forward and it went so fast.

i finally tried out my aurifil thread! i used a light gray to piece and quilt the entire thing. the spool was new, and there's still a lot left! i like that thread. my machine didn't act up once during the whole project - which is huge. no tension issues, just pretty stitches.

another thing i tried for the first time was machine stitching the binding. cluck cluck sew has a good tutorial, and there are several other methods you can try. one important thing is that since your stitching shows on the front of the quilt, your thread is going to show up.

but on this, it's barely noticeable, and even the spots where i stitched onto the binding kind of disappear.

now, if i could just figure out the basting step! i feel like the only person who can't do that.  mine takes at least three tries, i'll get it smoothed out and pinned, flip it over and the back is a bunchy mess. (and don't even mention the one time i tried spray basting. what a mess.)

this time i tried using the board method, another first. i thought i had my fabric rolled tightly but it wasn't very smooth when i finished. plus, i didn't have my top centered correctly, so i had to start over. twice. it felt like a method that could work though, i'll be trying it again.  i ended up pinning one side,and flipping it, and smoothing it out and pinning, then flipping it, repeat. the whole time thinking to myself, there is an easier way. there has to be a better method. so what is it?!! if you know, please share.

so, there she is. sparkle punch meets madrona road. madrona punch? sparkle road?

and i decided that from now on, all of my quilt photos will be of quilts blowing in the kansas wind.

or blowing away...


Ralitza said...

It is gorgeous! Absolutely beautiful in every aspect! Also the pictures are inspiring and the palette is so warm and tranquil. Thank you for sharing them all - the quilt, the story and the pictures!

Chris S said...

it's beautiful!

Candice @ Made With Love said...

Tammie- The quilt is gorgeous!!! I think I need to make myself a sparkle punch quilt! :)

Kirsty said...

What a beautiful quilt!! I love the colours you've used, it just looks fantastic!

Sara said...

I have noticed basting is a pain in the keester every time I do it on carpet. I am stuck with it though since there is no wood floor wide or long enough for me to do it on. Unless the quilt is smaller of course:) I have tried the table method before and it worked. I am afraid to do it with a twin size or bigger though and most of the time they aren't small. SOOO I am always hoping someone will come up with a magic plan for the basting part LOL! Wishful thinking doesn't hurt right?!

Your quilt is stunning and I love that back star. You have chose a terrific line to do this quilt in. Machine binding is so much fun and so much quicker!

I really need think I need to suck up the price of that Aurifil and get some. I have used it once and liked it. I bought it that time since it was on clearance. Should have stocked up! Still need to try the Bottom Line I bought by Superior Threads.

Michele said...

Really, really pretty.

Violet Craft said...

I love this quilt so much! I can't believe you used 3" squares though. The larger ones take forever already! Beautiful.

Kimberly said...

I just ran into your blog from your Moda Bakeshop tutorial with your hourglasses...SO cute! I love it!

I've recently tried basting - what works for me is the table. And I lay the bottom down, put the batting on top and fold it back half way, or maybe even less than 1/2 way. Then I spray, bring the batting down, smooth it out, then go to the other side and do the same to the other half...mainly just spraying and smoothing down as I bring it down. I still pin tho- haha...I baste, then put in some pins to double check myself since I have OCD.
Good luck! I love your blog!


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