Saturday, February 9, 2013


last thursday night at KCMQG was the madrona road challenge reveal. i'm always blown away seeing the different projects people make starting with the same exact fabrics. i loved how a few people added in unexpected colors like turquoise, red, and green.  and others dyed their own fabrics to use! if you'd like to see the rest of the quilts, jan took great photos (including the one above) and posted them to flickr - here's a link. prepare to be amazed :)

our guild is full of amazing stitchers, but so many of them are hilarious too! i laughed so much during show & tell! it was fun hearing all of the stories behind the quilts.  i'm always nervous about getting up in front of everyone and didn't say half of what i had planned to about my quilt. ah well. maybe i'll get better with more practice? i guess that means i need to complete some more quilts for show & tell!

i was making quick progress on my patchwork chevron until i ran out of kona white. i swear i just bought 7 yards but i'm thinking i may need to purchase a bolt to keep on hand.  i have lots of scraps but the pattern calls for 14" squares. i stopped at joann's yesterday to replenish so i'm hoping to get it finished this weekend.  only 5 blocks to go! i finally broke into my simply color layer cake that i won at last year's spring market MQG meetup.

well, i better head off to my son's wrestling tournament. maybe i should break out some of my NW high wrestling cheers? pin him flat, clap! clap! to the mat, clap! clap!  sigh. why didn't anyone tell us how silly we were? :)  enjoy your weekend!

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Beth said...

I loved seeing your sparkle punch quilt at KCMQG! It is really stunning.


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