Wednesday, February 13, 2013

swap report!

well, i'm at home with one confirmed case of influenza b (the 5yo) and a toddler who's sick too. the older kids weren't feeling swell, so i picked them up from school. i hate when my littles are sick! luckily, no one feels that awful - low fevers, some tummy troubles, a few runny noses. but - touch wood - no puking.

speaking of, i finally watched pitch perfect, and loved it! the kids kept coming upstairs and asking me how i knew all the songs! (i may have been singing loudly along with the Bellas) it made me kind of nostalgic for college. it seems like 20 years ago yesterday.

so, what to do when you're stuck at home with the sickies? play with fabric, of course!

i got my fabrics cut and mailed for the text swap at plum patchwork. i sent a bunch of sunkissed texts and a few random pieces from my stash.

rachel just started the amy butler charm swap, so of course i joined that one. there's still room to sign up so if you're interested, read the rules here.
edited to add: pink castle fabrics has several amy butler prints for only $5 a yard!  if you want to join the swap but didn't have much in your stash, now's the time!

and i forgot to mention another swap i joined! the KC Rainbow Layer Cake Swap! we are swapping 10" layer cake squares, and each participant is to purchase 1.5 yards of fabric in 2 assigned colors.

how about you? any great swaps i need to know about?  any interest in another swap a rainbow? i'd be happy to host if there's enough interest, just leave me a comment to let me know!


Katie said...

I'd be interested in doing a color swap -- our guild is doing one coming up soon and I can hardly wait for the lovely pieces coming my way.

Katy said...

Just looked at your post for the rainbow swap, and I am so in if you do one! I have always loved the rainbow quilts whenever I've seen them!


katymarie1211 (at) gmail

Colleen said...

We are actually doing a brick swap in my MQG . 5 x 10 gives you more flexibility in how you use them. Im psyched to get the text fqs!

Allison C said...

I'm hoping someone will host a voile swap in the near future, but I would be interested in a rainbow swap too.

Sharon said...

Totally in for another rainbow swap!

Jenifer Dick said...

I'm in for a rainbow swap! Jenifer

Jenifer Dick said...

I'm in for a rainbow swap! Jenifer


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