Thursday, February 28, 2013

sweet surprises

i really wanted to attend quiltcon.  troy is working crazy hours right now, only one day off a week.  i tried to arrange childcare, found a roomie, and *almost* booked a flight. but in the end, it was too precarious - if one thing went wrong, it would all fall apart. the kids had been sick, flu and strep was still going around. so i made the choice to skip this time, vowing to go in 2015. it's a good thing i did - i'm sure my flight would have been cancelled due to the snow. 

instead, i stalked my instagram feed the entire weekend - and you can too! just search #quiltcon and there are over 4000 photos!

photo by nurseli1 on instagram

the payoff was finding my quiltcon block in its new home, a charity quilt for austin's children's shelter. mine is in the quilt on the right - the flying geese towards the top. all of the charity quilts are totally amazing. it was so cool to see what layouts and background fabrics each guild chose.

but the best moment of the entire weekend was seeing these photos on facebook.  my friend patty had volunteered to take a flat stanley to quiltcon for my daughter.  what i didn't know is she had also schemed this up!

Jacquie Gering and me!

flat denyse & I are BFFs.
i laughed so hard seeing these pictures. and i may have even teared up a little that she would do something so nice.

Tammy of Marmalade! (and her amazing quilted booth sign)

we visited some guild friends running the Marmalade Fabrics booth!

and she found my quilt so i could get my picture taken with it in the bakeshop booth.  seriously, this made my weekend.  i still grin every time i think of it.  you are a rock star patty! thanks a million!


Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Now that is the coolest thing ever.....

Capi said...

What a nice friend!

Colleen said...

How fun! What great friends you have! I attended through instagram too!

Purl Buttons said...

This really made me smile! The places you could go!


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