Wednesday, February 27, 2013

that's it.

i am officially breaking up with winter. in the last week, i've left the house exactly once, on monday. that evening we got a bunch more snow and we are housebound again - only this time, we lost power for 26 hours! thank goodness for our wood stove and our generator. we were able to keep the fridge running and watch movies. the power finally came back on late this morning.

the kids love it though! they have built snow forts, had snowball fights, gone sledding, and enjoyed being off of school.

troy has spent the whole day trying to get the driveway cleared - no small feat as we live quite aways off the road. he's still working on it, and if we can ever get out we're planning to celebrate by going to town for mexican food. i love living in the country, but it sure has its challenges!

with all of that going on, i haven't shared some of the latest!  i did a guest post over at pink castle fabrics, where you can take a little tour of my crafty space!  head on over and take a peek!  they have lots of great fabrics, so do a little shopping from the warmth of your home while you're there.

i do have something else to share, but it will have to wait for tomorrow.  oh, the suspense!


Sew Loquacious Angela said...

I feel your pain! I'm on the 4th snow day! Luckily we didn't lose power, although we lost our Google Fiber connection somehow for several hours! Surely school will be back on Thursday right?!
Take care,

Crickets Corner said...

I'm buried under 15" and was finally able to get out today. I am sooooo ready for spring! I just keep telling myself that we need the moisture but at this point I'd take a good olde spring thunderstorm!

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Your craft space is wonderful!!

I am lamenting over getting rid of my old picnic basket though. =(


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