Sunday, March 24, 2013

snowed in!

with all the kids home for spring break, it's been busy! we tried to make it a fun week for the kids, with play dates, soccer games, movies, and sleepovers. we even visited a 4H petting zoo!  they had baby goats and pigs, so adorable! it got me thinking about getting baby chicks...

zach is doing great at soccer, and i love watching those prek - kgtn kids run around and fall down :)  sawyer's kind of a handful at the games, so i was glad it fell on troy's day off this week! nice to have an extra set of hands.

i am not used to that much activity in one week, so i'm looking forward to a quiet day at home today.   good thing, because we got a bunch more snow and the roads are closed.

i did manage to finish up a couple of random items that have been taking up space on my table.

my sweet friend patty gave me some of her quiltcon swag, including this printed calendar from spoonflower. i decided to bind it with some aqua gingham, and used some command strips to tack it to the cabinets in the kitchen! i'd been looking for something fun for that spot!  and seriously, what did we do before those command strips? they are amazing. i did the binding by machine, it goes so fast that way. (and it's not as crooked as it looks in that photo, must be the angle.)

then i stitched up these nursery rhyme panel books. these have been in my stash for several years, i made two and then forgot about the others. i'm sending one to my niece and gave one to sawyer. emma reads to him every night at bedtime, it just melts my heart.

i got another scrappy trip block done, and i've got just one more to do before i call it good and start stitching them together. pics to come!

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